Settling in at Essex – graduates give their advice


The first few weeks in a new place can be a little daunting. But take it from the people who have been there and done it, it’ll be worth it!

Recent graduates have been reflecting on their first few weeks at Essex, and now want to share their top tips to help you settle in…

To all cool dads out there, (2)

Jess Albone, 2014 BSc Psychology 

Don’t forget that university is not just about studying, but about making friends for life and creating memories. I had a great time at university, but I wish I’d spent a bit more time hanging out with my uni pals rather than stressing over every piece of work, exam and lecture. It’s a really important time of your life, so don’t spend three years watching other people have fun. It’s important that you make the most of it too. Employers would much rather employ a well-rounded graduate, who’s been a part of a club etc. So don’t feel guilty for taking part in that netball team – it shows good team work and sportsmanship. Most of all, be yourself and have a brilliant time!

To all cool dads out there, (3)

Mikya Rozner, 2014 BSc Business Management 

Balance is Key! In your first year get to know the campus, the opportunities, meet new people , enjoy the society and sports clubs. In 2nd year focus on studying while keeping your extra activities (part time job included). Final year focus on your studies and select the MOST important extra activities that you’ve discovered in your first 2 years of uni. And finally, BE A REBEL!

To all cool dads out there, (1)

Hayley Hayward, 2015 BA Creative Writing, 2016 MA Creative Writing

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and try lots of things in the first few terms – sports clubs, societies, nights out – you’ll soon find yourself with coursework and reading, and there’ll be little time for such things. You’ll find some things you really love to do, while having the chance to experience things you might have otherwise missed out on. You can always cut out the things you don’t enjoy, but it’ll be harder to try new things when deadlines approach.

To all cool dads out there, (5)

And last but not least, especially if you’re based on our Southend campus:

Ella Jarvis, 2017 BA World Performance

“Make sure you go down to the beach!”


Remember, if you need some advice or support the Student Services Hub is here to help throughout your time at Essex.

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