The pros and cons of postgraduate study

Graduation Day 2 (49)

Why do a Master’s degree? I think it is definitely an asset to your qualifications as well as your future professional employment.

“But what is a Master’s degree?” We’re asked by little ones,  cousins,  aunts and uncles and older siblings.

The definition of postgraduate study is an academic degree which is granted to individuals who have undergone a study demonstrating a mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice.

In other words, it is a degree gained by those who have already completed their undergraduate studies and then specialised in an exact area.


The Pros of doing a Masters degree

1.Become more prepared for your field

Earning a postgraduate degree can prepare you for your chosen field. A Masters programme allows you to specialise in your given area of interest and this will greatly increase your knowledge and expertise.

Moreover, there is a lot of competition among candidates for employment these days, so employers are more likely to prefer someone who has a higher level of knowledge in their field, than someone without that extra qualification.

2. You like studying

It may sound weird but yes, a lot of people out there love going to uni. It enables people to continue their education, gain fantastic professional and personal experiences, and to make friends with people from around the world. Plus, you get student discount at the shops. Uni life is awesome!

3. You want to love your occupation

A master’s degree offers clarity, depth and focus to what you love and so helps you to discover your dream job much more quickly. Whether you like it or not, you have to spend a great deal of your life working, so why not do something you love?

4. You want to be distinct 

You can complete a masters whilst you’re already working and in doing so, you can greatly increase your chances to further your career. Earning a masters degree while working in a company can show you have high levels of motivation and make you eligible for advancement opportunities.

5. You can re-direct your career path

For those of you that are dissatisfied with your degree choice, or feel you are in the wrong career, a masters degree gives you the opportunity to change your career path and receive an education in a new, different field. Moreover, with a masters degree you can study loads of combinations; for example Law with Business, Fashion with Photography, Art with Textiles and so on!

Andri blog

The cons of a Master’s degree

1. It costs a lot of money

You’ll have fees to pay plus  rent, food, transport, bills and shopping. Seriously?! But there are student loans available.

2. There is more commitment and workload than undergraduate study

No more skipping lectures, less parties, more studying, more research.  Things get more serious while doing a masters degree.

3. It’s another period of time before getting a “Real Job”

It is one more step before employment and this can delay your career beginning and getting experience which can test your patience.

But it is definitely worth it! 

My top tip? Make sure you are sure about your choice of postgraduate study, because a masters degree specialising in a particular field of study – so a frivolous choice could bring unfortunate results.

I can truly say that the accomplishment of a masters degree makes all the effort and time it takes completely worth it.


If you’re thinking of studying for  a Masters degree, the Employability and Careers Centre can support you with your application. And don’t forget, as one of our Essex alumni you could be entitled to up to 33% off your postgraduate study at Essex with the alumni discount.



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