A day in the life of: a legal trainee in Cyprus

Hi! My name is Andri. I graduated from the School of Law in 2015 followed by my Masters in International Commercial and Business Law.

I currently live in Larnaca, Cyprus where I completed my legal practice. I now work in Nicosia in a Law firm for banks  – and I really enjoy it! Below you can see my typical daily routine…

Wakey wakey

  • My alarm goes off around 7am and I start my day with a nice refreshing shower. I drink a glass of water, before breakfast at the office, or a cup of coffee at home. By 7.45am I’m dressed and ready to leave.

On the road

  • I meet up with colleagues from work (around ten people in total), where we car-share – not only does it save fuel, but it’s nice to have the company – especially in winter when the sun goes down early. We commute from Larnaca to Nicosia every workday –  it should only take about 25 or 30 minutes, but due to traffic we must leave at least one hour in order to be on time.


First things first

  • The first thing I do as soon as I get to the office is to check my emails, go online on ‘’Spark’’, our online chat in the office, and check my notes with the most important cases of the day. After half an hour I have a cup of coffee and breakfast with my team. The rest of my morning includes telephone calls with clients and bank employees and some discussion with my team leader regarding complex cases.

macbook pro on desk

Work Atmosphere

  • The law industry can sometime be uncomfortable, especially when it comes to a male-dominated occupation. It is true that in some firms it can be bossy, strict and rigid, especially when a new employee is trying to fit in. But it is then that you have to prove your worth! I am lucky to say that my colleagues are really good mates. They are kindhearted, funny and supportive, and we all try to find a solution when a problem occurs and help each other. We are a family and welcome each new member with enthusiasm and good energy!


  • I don’t have a set lunch, but usually eat between 2 or 3pm. I prefer to have something quick in the microwave because I only have 20 minutes to eat, check my messages on the phone and make some important calls. Then I get back to work – only a few hours left!



After Work

  • It is finally time to clock off! The road back to Larnaca may be exhausting sometimes, but fortunately the traffic is not that bad on the way back. While it is still September, the sun is not fully down yet – now it is the ideal time to have a nice, hot cup of coffee – except if it’s Monday, that is when my guitar lessons are scheduled. And when it is not Monday, I might hit the gym with my boyfriend! I like it when there is time to do things after work!

Before bed time

  • It is time to rest myself after a long day, so after taking a relaxing shower, I listen to my favourite tracks with an oil-free face mask before going to bed. My lunch is already packed for tomorrow and I’ve picked the next day’s outfit – all ready for tomorrow.




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