A day in the life of: a business manager, scriptwriter and actress in Greece

Hi, my name is Violetta. I did my bachelor’s degree in Economic Studies and my master’s degree in Applied Finance and IT Administration in Athens and in Essex.  At the same time, I was also studying Acting for Film and Scriptwriting in New York Film Academy in Hollywood (summer courses on location and on-line courses during winter time). Since 2014 I have been working in both Greece and Los Angeles as a Financial Analyst and a feature movie scriptwriter. Combining them both has been real fun, but it can be difficult to manage my time.

Below you can see my typical daily routine…



  • I haven’t ever really been a morning person. I wake up, get dressed, pack breakfast/lunch and leave home. My office, as well as most of the other production companies I work with, are downtown. So every day I go to the metro station by car. In this car I have a second wardrobe – clothes, shoes etc for every occasion! Every day I need to change at least once so it is essential I’m organised.
  • When I reach the office, I turn on my laptop (which also needs time to wake up!) and make a cup of coffee. Then, while eating my breakfast, I check all my emails and To-Do list. Then the fun starts!
  • I do everything from excel budgeting and powerpoint presentations, to photoshoots and press conferences organisation, meetings in and out of the office… the definition of multitasking and soft skills execution!



  • Lunch is precious! Whether I am in the office, a theatre or an external business meeting, if it’s happening around 2pm it will be combined with lunch! From home food, a restaurant, a delivery or just a sandwich – lunch will be lunch!
  • Usually I finish work around 18:00 except if we have a big event (i.e. Grand Premiere) when I may have to stay all day long or go home, change and come back for the event. On the other days, I spend most my afternoons working as a freelance scriptwriter and actress from 18:30 to 22:00 – or sometimes even after midnight. The last months I have been mostly working on scriptwriting aiming to start filming in the beginning of 2019. So I use my time now for scriptwriting, castings, reperage etc. which will be then used for shooting, acting and post-production for all the projects I’m involved with.



  • My fiancé is also in the entertainment industry. He is a music producer and runs his own music studio which is really helpful as he can be flexible regarding our “us” time – even though we live together “us” time must be scheduled! So we make sure to spend time together and also with friends. We also try to work on some of the same projects (i.e. he composes the music of the movie I am writing and acting in.)
  • I make sure to steal some time from the madness and see my parents and siblings – we have a group Facebook chat where we share funny moments, thoughts, feelings and news throughout the week which helps us to stay in touch.
  • Outside of work, I love going to the movies or for a nice dessert with friends, having a chill at home, spending time at my fiancé’s studio listening to recordings or recording something myself for fun, horse-riding or going to Latin parties every now and then.


What’s next…

First of all I must say that it was studying at Essex that really inspired me how to pursue my career today. When I was studying at Essex, I was also active member of TAS, film, dance and singing societies (and more)! I experienced how everything can be combined with the right time scheduling and necessary will!

For the future, I want to continue with everything I’ve built so far and see where it goes!


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