Our first student… and our 100,000th

John Sofie

Graduation 2018 sees Essex reaching a landmark: some time around 5pm on Thursday 19 July, Sofie Samuelsson will cross the stage of the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall to be officially awarded her MA Linguistics and become our 100,000th graduate.

Also there on the day will be Essex’s first ever student, John Dowden. Their very different stories cover 55 years of Essex history.

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Managing expectations – will I get my dream job the day after graduation?!


After three amazing years of studying, socialising and embracing all aspects of university life, I walked out of my graduation ceremony feeling fairly convinced that the world was officially my oyster. I believed that it would be only a matter of weeks before I landed my dream job, but the hard and fast reality check followed shortly after!

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