How to shape your CV through extracurricular activities at the University of Essex

photo2.I was inspired to write this blog after finding out that Essex had won ‘University of the Year’ at the Times Higher Education Awards 2018 – I wanted to share my experience as a student and help others make the most of their time at such a great university!

Essex is well known for offering its’ students and members a vast variety of extracurricular activities and placements to choose from, or clubs and societies that are free to join! Below I’ve listed five extracurricular activities that I completed at Essex which were crucial in terms of expanding my talents and abilities as a person. I’d really recommend that students at Essex consider getting involved with these too!

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Alumni volunteering: how you can get involved

No matter where in the world you live there’s always the opportunity for you to volunteer and support your Essex family. We have a range of ways you can get involved which can be flexible around your current commitments – and it’s a great opportunity to meet fellow alumni! Inspire the next generation and widen your network by dropping us an email today or let us know how you’d like to volunteer.


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Industries I never imagined myself working in


When I graduated in 2015 I imagined my future very different to how it has turned out.  I don’t think anyone would have pictured me working in the industries I have.  However, here I am with a new set of skills which have enabled me to finally find what I have been searching for.  Despite never having worked in the Marketing/Communications sector, I managed to break into the field with the valuable experience I gained in other industries along with some creative short courses such as a Adobe Premier Pro workshop.

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