The realities of job hunting


My time at Essex was swift, yet wonderful. It was one year that went by way too quickly and I didn’t understand how much I really enjoyed it until afterwards.

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Managing expectations – will I get my dream job the day after graduation?!


After three amazing years of studying, socialising and embracing all aspects of university life, I walked out of my graduation ceremony feeling fairly convinced that the world was officially my oyster. I believed that it would be only a matter of weeks before I landed my dream job, but the hard and fast reality check followed shortly after!

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My Life Hacks for Working in the Corporate World

Isimeme Ughele - Picture

Have you seen one of these ‘Life Hacks’ videos online?  They show how to do basic things such as fold your shirts differently so they can fit into a suitcase. I wish I had known them earlier. In the corporate world, as I journey through mentorship and coaching , as well as in conversations with peers, I have gleaned that there may also be Corporate World Hacks!

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