Industries I never imagined myself working in


When I graduated in 2015 I imagined my future very different to how it has turned out.  I don’t think anyone would have pictured me working in the industries I have.  However, here I am with a new set of skills which have enabled me to finally find what I have been searching for.  Despite never having worked in the Marketing/Communications sector, I managed to break into the field with the valuable experience I gained in other industries along with some creative short courses such as a Adobe Premier Pro workshop.

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Managing expectations – will I get my dream job the day after graduation?!


After three amazing years of studying, socialising and embracing all aspects of university life, I walked out of my graduation ceremony feeling fairly convinced that the world was officially my oyster. I believed that it would be only a matter of weeks before I landed my dream job, but the hard and fast reality check followed shortly after!

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